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The 2010 caption
Written by Sydney Seshibedi   

South Africa is ready to play host for Africa’s history. The rehearsal for that history came and gone successfully! Photographs have been taken and everyone else has played their role. FIFA World Cup 2010 is imminent. South Africa is joined by the world as she counts down. The residents of the Northern hemisphere usually refer to the Fifa World cup as a summer event! I do not blame them because for so many years the countries of the north have hosted it, and it normally takes place in the month of June. It will be on the 11th of that same month of June when the tournament kicks off in South Africa. If you call it a summer event you will be wrong because this time for the first time its in South Africa. That time is mid winter here! The days will be shorter while the nights are usually longer in winter. But the sunny winter days will sure provide the warmth adequate for anyone coming to bare witness to the soccer spectacle story unfolding on the African soil. But for press photographers like myself the excitement is [I am tempted to say its bigger] real. As a press photographer based in Johannesburg I just know that I will not need binoculars to register smaller details of that history in my mind. If accredited I will sit behind the goal-line. You can ague that using my 400mm telephoto lens is the same as using the binoculars from the last top seat at Soccer City Stadium. No it will not be the same! I will be a lot closer! And I will not only record it in my mind but I will have it on film. That means as I sit behind that goal-line I will be writing history first hand! The photographs that I will shoot that month will still be very clear by the time you start to relate the great story of the beautiful game in South Africa to your grandchildren. Perhaps you will search the archives for some of the photos to support your story. To make your grandchildren feel it within their hearts as you relate the story to them saying I was there! My fellow shooters will be there side by side with me writing the same story.


I cannot wait! Ke nako.